Where Do Tornadoes Occur: Most Likely Places for Tornadoes

where do tornadoes occur

More and more people are expressing an interest in tornadoes and other natural disasters, and often times wonder where do tornadoes occur. Tornadoes are one of Mother Nature’s majestic storm forms that can come in all sorts of shapes and fashions. They can also be quite unpredictable. Here are some general questions that others have asked about tornadoes and some answers to them.

Where Do Tornadoes Occur?

While tornadoes are one of the more unpredictable and rather dangerous elements of weather, there are also other types of weather disasters that are just as harmful, and many people often times wonder the following as well:

  • Where do tsunamis occur?
  • Where do volcanoes occur?
  • Where do hurricanes occur?
  • Where do floods occur?
  • Where do earthquakes occur?
  • How do tornadoes form?

Where Do Tornadoes Occur Around the World?

Tornadoes show their faces the most each year in an area of the central United States called tornado alley. This is a flat battle ground for cool and dry air masses coming from northern Canada and the Rocky Mountains and warm moist air coming from the Gulf of Mexico. When these two meet they can cause turbulence between the two and can create massive thunder heads that produce tornadoes.

What About Other Natural Disasters?

When a tornado occurs, a tsunami does not occur. There may be some small changes in a tide in a portion of an area affected by a water spout or tornado over water. Otherwise, this usually does not occur like seen in an earthquake.

Hurricanes are not caused by tornadoes, but a tornado or series of tornadoes can occur within a hurricane, and especially when it makes land fall. Upon land fall, a hurricane will lose strength, but the unstable air masses can mix with opposite air masses and as a result, causes a tornado to form.

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