Underground Survival Shelters: Tips to Building an Underground Shelter

underground survival shelters

Having underground survival shelters might seem to be a bit of an uncanny thing to have. However, back in the days of the 1950’s, during the continual possible threat of nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the United States, having one was not too bad of an idea. This was for a variety of reasons. The primary one was to help protect your family from any collapsed parts of your home and fallout in case of a nuclear explosion. Here is some info on some underground fallout shelters, and where you might be able to find them today, and how you could possibly plan one.

Where Would You Find Underground Fallout Shelters?

Some underground survival shelters you might come across today are as simple as concealed basements to a home, or in some more elaborate cases, a system of channel survival shelters. In this case, a family might have developed a way to link with another neighboring family to do have some sort of shelter during an emergency or other form of disaster.

There are more sophisticated organizations that were required to build underground shelters for government secrets and operations. Some of these, such as the:

  • CIA
  • NSA
  • and other types of government building and museums

They have underground fallout shelters to protect things such as:

  • assets
  • information
  • and people

They are set up to help keep operations going underground in case the above ground portion was destroyed. In some cases, there have been underground survival shelters bombs that our country has created. These are also known as bunker bombs.

How Should You Make Underground Survival Shelter Plans?

In this day and age, it is a little unrealistic to have underground survival shelter plans. However, there are some that have built this type of a structure just in case the worst disasters happen. In this case, if you wanted to jump on that band wagon, you could check with your local county government office for any underground plumbing, electrical objects, and other objects that could get in your way.

The next thing in making underground survival shelter plans would be to come up with a basic design plan for a supportive structure that would have emergency or long term supplies for you and your family. You might want to invest in certain steel structures that would protect you from any damaging material. You might also want to find a way to have clean water stored there as well as a form of electricity.


How Are These Beneficial?

In case there is some type of emergency or disaster such as a tornado, these shelters are great for going to until the tornado has passed. Tornadoes pick up everything in its tracks, so being inside a home or on high ground would not make a difference. You can pack a small kit of things to help you ride out the storm and proceed with others to these shelters for a while.

Overall is an underground survival shelter really needed these days? Not really. If you would like to build an underground shelter from inclement weather such as tornadoes or other damaging forms of weather, then that might be the more sensible reason to want to move forward with any underground survival shelter plans you might have.

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