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survival team building

Survival team building is important both within survival groups and for your own families emergency preparedness planning. Below is information on both groups and on using survival team building exercises within your own family.

Survival Group Basics

A survival group is, as the name implies, a group of people that have agreed to share their resources and labor during an emergency situation. In each survival group there should be an understanding about exactly how labor and resources will be divided. It is ideal to have appointed and trusted leaders as well as those who have been designated as law enforcement, medical and food storage manager.

Survival team building exercises are common among survival groups. This allows all members the chance to practice important skills that may be necessary during an actual survival situation. It also helps to foster a sense of community among the group members.

Finding Survival Groups

Finding a group may worth joining may be a challenge. Most do not advertise and many are bound by an affiliation to a certain group, such as a church. The benefits of being part of a survival group are obvious: Should there be an emergency, particularly one that puts you in a long-lasting survival situation, it is better to have some help and a community of support.

That being said, if you do not know the group members well, be sure to choose your group carefully. Remember that emergencies can bring out the worst in some people.

If you cannot find a survival group that you are comfortable becoming a part of, consider starting your own. Talk to family members and friends who live near you and discuss setting up a group and making plans about sharing resources and helping each other during a time of emergency.

For many people, this is the best option as it allows you to be in a group with people that you know and that you are comfortable with, and makes participating in team building and other emergency planning a bit more comfortable.

Your Family Can Benefit from Survival Team Building

Even if you do not choose to become part of a survival group, survival team building can still be part of your emergency planning. By acting out certain scenarios with members of your immediate family, you will be doing three things:

  1. You will be keeping the importance of emergency planning off of the back burner. By discussing scenarios, you will be able to tweak your survival kits and plans which will help you to always be ready.
  2. For children, such survival team building exercises can remove the fear from the emergency planning and make it something that they simply view as part of life. That is not to say that you should minimize the seriousness of these potential emergencies, but that these exercises can help your family adjust to the idea of having to be in survival mode in a less traumatic way.
  3. You will help to teach each member of the family real-life skills that will help them in a survival situation.

Whether as part of a survival group or just within your own family, consider adding survival team building to your emergency preparedness planning.

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