Survival Skills During Disaster: Best Survival Guide During Disasters

survival skills during disaster

It’s important to learn some basic survival skills during disaster when, and if it even occurs. All sorts and types of disasters occur unexpectedly, and they can pack a hard punch when they do. When you look at some of the recent devastation the world has seen, you can see that in some cases, it can leave you in a state where there is nothing you can do but just keep going even though you might not know where to begin.

Survival Skills During Disaster: Disaster Tools Needed

It’s always best to have a survival guide during disasters in which you can see what you can do to protect yourself, and what you need to keep you up to date on the current events of what is going on around you, and when it would be safe to come out. Having a disaster kit with the following disaster tools might be of help:

  • flashlight
  • batteries
  • canned food
  • blankets
  • radio
  • cell phone
  • bottled water
  • first aid kit

Survivor Tips for Natural Disasters

Some basic survival tips are out there for those who have faced, or are going to face a natural disaster. In the case of a tornado or high damaging winds, it’s best to seek shelter in your basement or a central portion of your home such as a closet. Also, you should stay away from windows if at all possible. This will help protect you from any falling debris and from glass that may break from damaging wind.

During a hurricane it is best to board up your windows and have a survival kit ready as your power and water will most likely be going out in the case of a direct hit. Also be prepared for any flooding that may be coming your way. If ordered to evacuate by authorities then do so.

Wilderness Survival During Disasters

Some of you may get caught outside during inclement weather or form of disaster. Here are some to-do’s to keep in mind.

If caught in a thunderstorm, find the best shelter you can that is away from open air, and can at least block the rain. Do not hide under a tree for shelter. Many lightning strikes and deaths have occurred from this form of disaster.

If you happen to be in the path of a tornado, get out of your car if on the road and find shelter or a near ditch, and lye as low as you can to avoid any debris that may be flying overhead.

If you are caught in a hurricane, find the closest public high school or medical facility that can offer you shelter services. There are more and more of these, and often times the Red Cross opens facilities in the area for those who have lost their homes or need shelter to go to.

Overall, it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself and be prepared for whatever might come your way. Having the proper survival skills during disaster will help keep you alive.

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