Shelf Life of Canned Goods: Tips for Shelf Life of Home Canned Goods

shelf life of canned goods

There are a variety of foods you can choose to have stored in your home for an emergency or any other type of situation where you might need long lasting food.  There are obvious recommendations such as staying away from junk food and food with poor nutrition. Here are some examples of shelf life of canned goods that you can have in storage to help in the case of an emergency or other type of disaster.

  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned fruits
  • Juices
  • Powdered milk
  • Supplies for baby
  • MRE meals
  • Bottled water

Shelf Life of Canned Goods

Canned goods have more of a varying shelf life depending on the type of food you get. If it is a food in a high content of acid, then the shelf life of the canned goods can range from 18-24 months. If it contains a lower acid number, then it can last from 2-5 years. You can find vegetables and beans in cans as well as other types of foods such as soups and even pasta.

Shelf Life of Bottled Water

Having water is one of the most important things in any survival food kit and pantry. Whether it is from a gallon or smaller bottles, this is going to be needed more than other drinks. Water is going to keep you hydrated, and you can even buy it in larger cases. Bottled water will usually last a few months if not longer, and in some cases a year or more depending on how it is bought and how you decide to keep it stored.

Shelf Life of Home Canned Goods

More and more people are deciding to can their own food that they grow. For example, there are places you can get the cans needed or you can save them from items that are gone and just rinsing the cans out. You can grow your own fruits and vegetables and preserve them for emergency cases. Many people are choosing this option to help with better food that is free from all sorts of chemicals. Depending on how you can your goods and foods, they can last a few years and sometimes they may only last a few months.

The shelf life of canned goods can all vary basically on what you have in your pantry or shelves. Always be prepared for the case scenario, and more and more people are beginning to choose to plan a survival food list and stock. Disasters and food shortage is becoming popular, and even power outages can last longer than expected. If you have children especially, planning ahead for this type of situation can really save you and make sure you remain well nourished.

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