MRE Shelf Life: Essential Facts About MREs and Expiration Codes

MRE Shelf Life

When you think about a freeze dried meal, there are many times where people think about MREs, also known as “Meal, Ready-to-Eat.” These are a great survival food item especially in an emergency or disaster. They are one of the best choices and items to have on file, and while they are a good source, you should not solely rely on them. The MRE shelf life is not forever,  so here are some basic facts to help you learn more.

MRE Shelf Life

The MRE shelf life is typically a long period of time and they are also able to be in extreme temperatures without having any damage done to them, though the higher the temperature, the shorter the MRE will last. According to the U.S. Army’s Natick Research Laboratory, MREs kept at 70 degrees can last about 100 months, or a little over eight years.

As long as conditions and the environment around them is stable, MREs will last a rather long time; many continue to taste fine up to five years after date of packaging. Additionally, when you take the time and care to store them properly, they are not going to attract bugs or pests of any type.

MRE Heater

When you have MRE meals for an emergency kit, you are going to need a way to heat your meals and that is where a MRE heater can help you out. A MRE heater is simply a small bag that is used to heat your meals and you simply add water or any other type of liquid and the bag is aluminum lined. The magnesium that is at the bottom of the bags heats the liquid and this allows you to heat up your MRE meals. You will be able to enjoy hot meals even in emergency or disaster situations.

What Kind of MRE Meals Are Available?

In regards to what is included in an MRE meal, there is a wide variety. You can find them in a few different ways including:

  • MRE full meals
  • MRE entrees
  • MRE snacks
  • Cases of MRE meals
  • And much more

As far as what is in the box, you get your choice of an entrée, your choice of snacks, a drink mix, deserts, condiments, and heating pouches to heat your meals in. The MRE shelf life of these is usually five years and they are often times used by the military and are great for camping as well as a being a part of a survival kit.

MRE shelf life is beneficial because this means these are going to last for years without having to throw them out because you do not use them. These MRE meals are great for just about anything, and more and more people use them for camping to save on heating and cooling foods while having a good meal.

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