Best Long Shelf Life Food: What Foods Have the Longest Shelf Life

long shelf life food

There may come a time an emergency strikes from things such as a severe storm, power outage, hurricane, tornado, or a shortage of food due to finances being short one month. In these cases, it’s best to come up with a plan of action ahead of time to make sure you have a well established survival food stash available to you and your family. Having long shelf life food as compared to short shelf life will help you in having a supply that is long lasting and will not spoil as easily.

What Are Some Examples of Long Shelf Life Food?

You should try and stick with items that you can munch on while still providing a good source of nutrients to ensure your body gets everything it needs to function properly. Here are some items that you might want to have in your shelves at all times in the case of an emergency.

  • granola bars
  • dry cereal
  • canned vegetables
  • canned fruit
  • bottled water
  • instant coffee
  • 100% fruit juices either canned or boxed
  • baked chips
  • salsa
  • apples
  • oranges

Reasons for Having This Long Shelf Life Food Supply

Granola bars come usually in whole grain oats and can act as a stomach filler since it’s rich in fiber. Dry cereal is good to eat even without milk and can provide you with some of the daily vitamins and minerals that you will need. Please stay away from sugary cereals as they are generally not good for you and can spike your insulin levels.

Canned vegetables and fruit will not taste as good as regular grown fruits and veggies but they will still give you some of the nutrients and vitamins that natural fruit will do.

Bottled water and instant coffee are a little different in their needs. Bottled water in your emergency food stockpile is of course clean and will help prevent dehydration. Instant coffee may not have the quality of regular coffee but if you need a kick when you can’t make a cup it is a descent way to try to get your caffeine fix for the day. 100 percent juice is great because it can stay stored for a while and still provide you with quality nutrients and vitamins with less produced sugar.

Baked chips and apples and oranges of course will last a little while longer that other foods and can provide a great healthy forms of food to snack on and get that full feeling.

How Much Should You Stock?

When you are thinking about stockpiling survival food, sometimes people will stock up on food for a few days while others will stock up for a few weeks or even months. The trick is to stock up on foods that are not going to have short shelf life. The longer the shelf life the more you can stock and you should always stock early. This will ensure you are not going broke, but are also creating a supply of essential items in the case that something happens.

Always keep in mind that having long shelf life food as compared to short shelf life food will last you longer and keep you healthier in case of an emergency.

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