Hurricane Survival Kits: Top Things to Have in Hurricane Kits

hurricane survival kits

Inclement weather can come in all shapes and forms. During this encounter with Mother Nature, there may be outdoor plans or other related activities that become affected by the weather. Later on, once the rain has stopped, or weather permits, you can resume to your normal activity, and most of the time, pick up right where you left off.

Of course, there is also the type of weather than cannot only re-establish our home, but also can do the same and become serious. Hurricanes are not a threat to most people inland, however, even if you don’t live on the coast line, it can still come far enough inland to bring damaging winds and flood conditions to your home town. Having  hurricane survival kits will be beneficial to you no matter where you live or vacation to in the future. Here are some tips on hurricane emergency kits and what you need to keep them up to date.

What Do You Need in Hurricane Survival Kits?

There are a few different variations of hurricane survival gear that you should make sure to have in your kit to remain safe, and still be able to get around your home without having any trouble during an emergency or disaster. If you look at tornado survival kits, you will find that much of the contents are similar, if not the same as what you will find in a hurricane survival kit.

Below are some things you should have:

  • flashlight
  • radio
  • batteries
  • first aid kit
  • bottled water (descent amounts)
  • some small food rations that are not affected by not being refrigerated
  • cell phone with spare battery
  • blankets, extra pair of clothing

Why Do I Need These Items in My Hurricane Emergency Kits?

When picking hurricane survival gear, it’s important to have the essentials above for a variety of reasons.

Having a flashlight, of course, will help aid in being able to see or find your way around. Candles can be OK in some cases, but if there is significant damage to the area you are in, there can be the threat of a gas leak in which candles would be a dangerous thing to have.

Important Items That Should Always Be with You

A radio will alert you to any further conditions that could harm you or when the all clear alerts come from the National Weather Service. Having extra batteries for your flashlight, radio, cell phones, etc will of course help sustain power.

Bottled water and decent amounts will help since tap water might not be running if power is out or contaminated from infusions of silt, dirt, and other contaminants. Small food rations in a hurricane emergency kit will help sustain any hunger during the disaster.

Cell phones may not have reception, but can be a great way to contact emergency services. Blankets or extra clothes in a hurricane survival kit will help keep you warm and clothed. Overall, hurricane survival kits can help you get through the disaster until power and things are restored for further use.

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Tara August 25, 2011 at 1:19 pm

is this all that we are going to need for the hurricane or are we going to need more supplies?

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