Storm Surge in Connecticut – Long Island Sound at Risk

Hurricane Sandy is coming.  The weather forecast calls for severe flooding along the connecticut coast.  Models are predicting a storm surge in Connecticut and along Long Island Sound to reach 9-11 feet.  If you live in a low lying area you must take the necessary steps to protect your property and plan an evacuation route. […]

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New York City Evacuation Plan – Hurricane Sandy

Another big storm is coming.  The weather service is predicting a storm surge of 5-9 feet for New York City.  Please check the New York City Evacuation Plan and Map to ensure you have your safety plan in place. There are some great resources.  We posted an evacuation pan map last year when Hurricane Irene […]

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San Francisco Earthquake: How to Prepare for Aftershocks

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With the San Francisco Earthquake, you may be wondering what you should do to prepare for aftershocks. Read this list and implement these tips as soon as possible.

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Spring Season Facts: Preparing for Severe Weather and Staying Safe

Spring Season Facts

Learning spring season facts is the first step to being prepared for severe spring weather. Learn the basics about spring, weather warnings and how to stay safe

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